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We are Prez & Mr Blue founders of METICULOUS GOLF.

70 years of golf between us, around the par by sunny days ...

We are an old foursome and young entrepreneurs in the golf industry with all the reason and enthusiasm that implies.

Cours de Golf



METICULOUS GOLF   wants to offer the ultimate experience in the customization of the high-end putter, so that each creation is a unique prototype that its owner cherishes or even idolizes.


Our love of the beautiful gesture, the beautiful things and the beautiful work, as well as our education of golfers are the DNA of METICULOUS GOLF . This is what we want to reveal in each of our creations.

We have always been sensitive to the excellence and the mastery of Japanese artisans like YURURI GOLF who do us the honor of working with us. Their clubs make us fantasize and gave us the inclination to shape them in order to arouse in our turn emotion and desire.

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