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2010yururiiron2 (1)_edited.jpg


Tête exigeante, conçue pour procurer un maximum de sensations.

La forme de cette lame est faite main par les maitres grindeurs de YURURI avec un traitement brossé du plus bel effet. Le muscle back est plat et les arrêtes saillantes pour lui donner un aspect plus agressif.

2010yururiiron1 (1)_edited.jpg
Lofts disponibles
Lofts 2010.jpg

YURURI 2010 Raw Flat Back irons are some of the softest blade irons ever produced.
Ultimate soft impact, Feel, playability and control are the key strong points for the Flat Back Blades.

YURURI Flat-Back is reply for Japanese PGA tour player’s request and always brings the constant distance.

This head requires very sure impact so it is geared for Professional and highly skilled players.
Because of the 2010 rule, we changed the groove adjust for the rule.

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